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Cookies Policy

Productos Navarioja informs you that on this website cookies are used. Cookies are little files that some platforms, like websites, can install them in your computer. Its functions can be varied: store your browsing preferences, collect statistical information, allow certain technical capabilities... Sometimes, cookies can be used to store basic information about navigation habits of the user or the computer, to the point, depends on the circumstances, of recognize it.

Cookies are usefull for several reasons. From a technical point of view, allow web pages to function more flexible and adapted way to your preferences, like for example your language or the currency of your country. Also, they help to owners of the websites to improve their services, through the statistical information collected through them. Finally, they are used to make advertising we offer you more efficient, through we can offer our services for free.

There are several kind of cookies. Firstly cookies can be:

  • Own cookies: They are owned and managed by the website owner.
  • Cookies from third parties: They are managed by third parties, outside the owner.

Also, cookies can be of "session", so they are deleted of the computer when user leaves the website which generates them; or "long-lived cookies", which remains on your computer a planned time that may reach years.

Furthermore, cookies can be classified according to the purpose which they were created:

  • Functional and technical cookies: are strictly necessary to use the site and to provide the services.
  • Analytical cookies: they store information about the activity of the users on the website. The stored information are used to make browsing profiles in order to optimize the services offered.
  • Personalization cookies: lets the users to set design, language, preferences, etc. of the browser.
  • Advertising and behavioral cookies: they are used to accomplish effective management of advertising spaces that have been included on a website or application which the services are provided. They are usefull to adapt the advertising offered to users' interests, because them collect information about them preferences. They are utilized both in marketing techniques and retargeting.
  • Members cookies: monitoring the visits from sites with a site which has established an affiliation agreement.

In our website the following cookies are used:

Cookie Management Permanence Finality
PREF Third party ( Lingeringe (2 years) These cookies are used by Google to store the preferences of the users and information when user are viewing pages with Google Maps on them
HSID Third party ( Lingeringe (2 years)
SSID Third party (  
APISID Third party ( Lingeringe (2 years)
SAPISID Third party (  
NID Third party ( Lingeringe (6 months)
_utma Third party ( Lingeringe (2 years) These cookies of Google Analytics generates an anonymous user ID, wich are used to count how many times a user visit a website. As well, registers when was the first time and the last time that the user visited the website. Furthermore,calculates when a session is over, the origin of the user, and keywords.
_utmz Third party ( Lingeringe (6 meses)
Cookie Own Session Consent from cookies policy

You can let, lock or delete the above mentioned cookies by setting the appropriate options in the browser installed on your computer.

Instructions to disable cookies in your browser:

  1. Using the tools provided by your browser. In the following links your can find additional information (we are not responsible if subsequently to the publication of this Cookies Policy, the links doesn't work because they are unrelated to this Web Site):

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    • Internet Explorer:"ie-10"
    • Mozilla Firefox:
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  2. Using third-party software. There are a lot of software, plug-ins, or extensions which detect the cookies while browsing and enable them to manage, disable, delete, etc.

If you disable the use of cookies in this website, it may reduce its functionality, produce limitations in the navigation or in some cases prevent such navigation.

If you remain on this website, browse on it and not disabled in your browser to use cookies, you expressly signify your agreement to the use thereof.